Meridian Energetics is an energy balancing modality

It’s a simple yet effective way of clearing and connecting all energy bodies. This connection creates balance on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual We work with the Kundalini energy that flows through our body; male and female energy, the extensive 12-part chakra system, and meridians system. When all bodies reconnect to the meridian points, it restores a natural flow
What is a Meridian

What is a Meridian?

Meridians are an important concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). They are energetic highways in the human body that allow for the flow of Qi or prana (“chee”, life force).
I work with meridians on an etheric level. If you’re familiar with acupuncture, you might have learned that there are 12 or 14 main meridian points.
But I in fact work with a base of 25 meridian points - out of the 108 total.
The remaining 83 don’t require direct action. Once the rest descend, those 83 open up on their own.

How do blockages arise?

How do blockages arise?

When the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body is in an unhealthy state for too long, blockages can arise in these energetic highways. When they remain for too long, these energetic blockages manifest themselves in pain and disease.

Who does it help?

Who does it help?

  • Have you experienced emotional, mental, physical or sexual abuse?
  • Are you angry, have phobias or feel anxious?
  • Do you have digestive problems?
  • Do you suffer from PMS or Menopause?
  • Have you struggled to lose weight?
  • Do you need pain management?
  • Do you feel an intense pressure in the heart or an emanation from it with no related heart condition?

What can you expect?

These are some of the benefits users have experienced:

Physical Changes

  • weight loss
  • increased circulation
  • increased energy increased metabolism
  • cleansing & detoxification
  • improved immune response
  • to help break the cycle of selfperpetuated illness & suffering

Mental Changes

  • a more relaxed & positive attitude
  • higher self awareness & creativity
  • creating healthier patterns of thinking
  • greater degree of clarity, focus and discipline
  • to help overcome procrastination

Emotional Changes

● reduce stress & anxiety
● to allow you forgiveness
● to help strengthen self esteem
● to help instill strengthen or awaken more trust in life
● to help you have the courage to maintain an open heart
● to help reduce rage, anger, & frustration from being abuse or controlled

Spiritual Changes

● improves communication & relationship skills
● helps release past failures or attachments
● helps protect oneself from possible malevolent & ambient negativity
● to help overcome invalidation from others
● to help transform feelings of shyness, ineptness or social unease
● helps break the attractor field which draws troubled men or women

… but please keep in mind, in energy balancing, much like life, there are no guarantees. And you get out of it what you put into it.
It is important to acknowledge that the energy balancing modality is meant to compliment the user’s existing wellness practices. If you are sedentary or malnourished, if you neglect your physical being, the energy balancing modality alone cannot fix those unhealthy states.

You have to be open and willing.
You must be an active participant on your journey to healing and wellness.

  • After a treatment, shifts can occur on physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels
  • reduction of stress, anxiety and frustration
  • heightened self-image, courage, a deeper connection with your heart center
  • Old destructive patterns can be released and a more positive energy flow when heightened consciousness takes place.

Our target?

We aim to fully reconnect you to yourself (and your heart), increasing creativity and enhancing your manifestation power.

What are you wearing?

You will need to wear comfortable clothes for the treatment. At most you will be asked to take off your shoes, but otherwise you will not undress.

How many treatments?

Every person is different and has a unique energy field

There is also a difference in level of consciousness and willingness to heal.
Therefore, it is impossible to say in advance how many treatments will be needed.

An average is between 3-5 sessions.


  • In the first session, the first step is like tidying up the 'clutter' . The etheric field might be replaced.
  • By the second session, the core often comes up, and the balancing goes much deeper.

During the treatment

We work with light touching / laying on of hands. But no manipulation of the skin (massage).

After treatment

The body may start to release problems, patterns and vibrations in the physical form during the first 1-2 days after the treatment.
Think of detoxification of the intestines and kidneys.
It can also make you tired, or even more energetic!
It varies from person to person.
Don't worry, it's a natural process.

**pro tip**

Plan light (or even none!) activities after the treatment. Free yourself of commitments that day.  Your body needs time to recover.