Feeling lost? Empty? Overwhelmed? Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Have you ever felt helpless at the hands of your illnesses? Because treatment after treatment fails to get you relief? Are you tired of the endless disappointment?


Ready to balance? Set you intention … Transform!

My name is Anouk

and I provide innate energy balancing, integration & alignment as the first step in guiding you to discover your own powers of manifestation and self balancing

After years of therapies and treatments, and all the time and money invested in them, I was still suffering from night terrors, among other things. After only ONE Meridian Energetics energy balance session, the night terrors were gone!

My research revealed that when the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body is in an unhealthy state for too long, blockages arise. The longer the blockages are there, the more they manifest themselves in pain and disease.

I want to help you discover that you have the power to manifest and self-balance, too. And ideally, as quickly as possible!

We can work together only on part of your energy balance journey. My lifework is in guiding you towards discovering the powers of your own strength.

I know, I know, I could keep doing it for you, your energy balancing and lightwork. But it’s better when you eventually do it for yourself, after all that's what you're capable of.

For lasting and meaningful integration and alignment, I can only do so much. You will have to do the work for yourself.

If you do, your commitment will be well rewarded by the time we finish our work together. It’s hard to tell you here what to expect.

It’s not just hard, it’s impossible really.

As humans we are so diverse and our needs are so unique, we just don’t fit into boxes. So I’m not going to pretend I can offer my services to you in a box.

Typically, I would hope that with as few as 3 energy balancing sessions together, you are well on your way to the embodiment of your authentic self.

You are on your way to unlocking your own power of manifestation and self-balancing.

Let's chat and find out

I would be honored to be the one to show you how to unlock what you have always had - the powers to balance and manifest for yourself. It was an unlikely teacher who alerted me to the fact that I could heal with my hands, and I didn’t believe her. Now, I can heal with my hands, and I am even now skilled enough to balance energy by intention alone, across great distances. I recently performed a successful session with a client in Canada!

My personal struggles and experiences with self doubt fuel my passion for helping my clients discover their own authentic abilities to balance themselves, nurture a connection with their sense of Higher Self, and practice manifestation I will start the journey with you, but I will only go so far, and then the rest is up to you.

You will see our work is as simple as possible, and rooted in preparation. Our work together is preparing you for the greater journey you will take after our time together, integrated and aligned with your own guides and Higher self.

I will not abandon you. I will not leave you before you are ready. But you will see, we all have guides, we all have a higher sense of self, and I am devoted to helping you connect with yours. Because once you do, you won’t need me anymore ;)


  • Jess Kelly 🇨🇦

    Anouk approaches her work with a special blend of compassion, humour and competency. I am grateful to know her, and for the opportunity to work with her. ❤️

    I knew very little about energy healing or meridian energetics before working with Anouk. I arrived to work together from a place of curiosity and experimentation.

    I’m a spiritual being and my worldview is very energy centric- we are all just balls of energy in a larger arena of energy, and we’re all connected to everyone and everything, because energy is neither created nor destroyed, only rerouted - so it’s obvious I wasn’t a skeptic. I was just unfamiliar.

    I live in Canada, and Anouk in the Netherlands. Finding a time that suits us both is actually the hardest part of our sessions. Anouk has this ability to work with intention, no need for physical touch or manipulation. It is seriously so cool!

    I remember Anouk talking about her own experiences healing her energy, and speaking of the colour and song returning to the world around her.

    And I thought it sounded poetic, but a little hyperbolic.

    I am not ashamed to admit I was wrong. It was an apt description!

    It’s one of the reasons I have been putting off my next session - I became a little *too* sensitive. A little *too* much colour and song returned to my life. I was overwhelmed at the rate and intensity with which colour and sound came barreling back into my experiences, and I needed a minute to regroup.

    Thanks to the integration and alignment I achieve as a result of working together, I am 100% a happier, healthier, human. Thank you Anouk ❤️❤️❤️

  • Marlon 🇳🇱

    Anouk I am very grateful to you!
    Anouk treated my horses Goofy and Storm with all the patience and love. During and after the treatment, I noticed immediate results.
    They stood on their own two feet again and were immediately more comfortable in their own skin.
    She immediately felt what was bothering them.
    As with Storm:
    - The pressure in his head from probably unresolved trauma.
    - The burden in their abdomen and lungs, this was confirmed immediately by the vet the day after, and treated.
    - Strom had a violent reaction while she was opening the meridians on his back! Anouk remained very calm and was able to solve this very nicely from a distance!

    Goofy: Goofy is a mega mirror and has a traumatic past. He took on too many traumas from Storm, which put himself in a nasty situation.
    Anouk disconnected him from Storm and at that moment I immediately saw the old Goof again!

    Even my older cat of 15 years old has benefited a lot, she was more active and better in her senses (she has a form of mild dementia).

    Dear Anouk, thank you very much!

  • CG 🇳🇱

    I have always been very interested in the spiritual world and body, but I never took action to
    actually do something with it. Until I met Anouk. She introduced me into this whole new world
    and made my fascination for it grow even more. She made me want to find the magic in my
    world and in myself. I haven’t been to a lot of sessions yet, but I already feel a new sort of
    energy in me and I love it. She explains everything that she does and feels in a way that
    everybody can understand it. She makes her world very approachable and also comfortable for
    a newbie like myself. She is a kindhearted person with a good sense of humor.

    And you truly feel that throughout all of her sessions, she keeps it real. She makes all of her sessions a fun
    experience. But also very personal. I feel like she truly listens and looks to everybody individually and just makes sure she adapts to the needs of that person (I have seen her perform sessions on other people as well). I feel very comfortable, satisfied and zen every time I leave.

  • Ana Maria Janes 🇨🇦

    It has been 2 months since I've had a session with Anouk and wow ... just wow! Little by little I've been observing the changes within me and it's been amazing to slowly see my behaviour shift.
    In our session, one of the big things that stuck with me is that she had a hard time getting my feet back on the floor. Before our session, I have been feeling I was getting annoyed when I had a lot of "things to do" to make life happen and it was harder and harder to take physical action in my business. I much preferred to live in my head lol. Since our session, it feels like a door opened for me to little by little love the mundane tasks that actually really do bring me so much joy. In my business, I have been able to nail down a direction that really inspires me and little by little I'm making it happen. I've been watching the shifts in my thought patterns and behaviour with such awe after our session. Super grateful to have found her! She's so gifted and the lessons from our session carried me forward in my everyday Soul work for quite a while!

  • How do blockages arise?

    MW 🇳🇱

    This year I came to Anouk for the first time in February for a treatment, I had no idea what to expect. Although I had my eyes closed for most of her treatments, I noticed the first time that I was walking less heavily and already felt more grounded. Now when I look back on it, I was still very much living in my head at the time, pff a lot of my energy was wasted on thinking. My physical blockkage in my left buttock got better. After the first time I walked to the door more balanced and more in touch with myself. The 2nd and 3rd times were even more focused on removing energy that was no longer appropriate for my life now. How does Anouk notice that? Hard to describe for me, but she knows exactly where she should be in terms of actions just above my body. It always felt liberated as if another layer had been removed, and I am certainly living less in my head. And that's nice ... definitely recommend it! Thanks Anouk

  • RS 🇳🇱

    My head or rather my thoughts, they were all over the place. The devil on my shoulder regularly took the upper hand. But it also took a lot of energy. Time to make an appointment with Anouk. Some old hurts from the past were cleared up and I received a nice healing. Anouk also taught me to write down positive thoughts so that I could read them, but also because they are picked up by the universe that way. I keep practicing but I have more energy now.

About Anouk

I know exactly how hard it can be to believe in the things that we cannot see. And that’s the trouble with energy balancing - you can’t see it, and it’s hard to convey. But the sum of my experiences led to the change in mindset to believe first, then see. It was then, many new doors opened. Maybe it’s time for you too, to believe first and then see.

After nearly a decade of therapy, the “professionals” told me there was nothing more they could do for me. It was then I knew it was up to me. I just couldn’t keep waking up in sleep paralysis. I couldn’t keep living with the night terrors.

I was diagnosed with many mental illnesses, including PTSD and bipolar disorder. But it became clear to me those labels didn’t matter. They were given to me by professionals who couldn’t help me.
If they couldn’t help me, why should I take their labels seriously?

I fulfill my lifework when I am integrated with all aspects of self, and helping others to integrate in a similar way. To do my work, I… draw from my experiences, apply the balancing modality of Meridian Energetics with my history of Kundalini work

And it is my intention to connect you with your own powers of manifestation and self healing, in as few sessions as possible. I create space for your energy balancing by acting as the guide, but only as long as you need.

My name is Anouk, and I've always been interested in the great unknown.

As a result of my Meridian Energetics training, I embody my qualities as a more grounded energy balancer, which creates lasting results for you. And it is my mission to give as many people as possible the tools to regain their strength and embody the most authentic parts of themselves in the process.

What has Meridian Energetics done for me?

I got rid of my sleep paralysis in just one session! I also experienced much more presence in my body, and my senses/clear faculties were much more alive. The world had more color again and I could hear the emotion behind the music again. Over the long term I experienced more peace, I could regulate my emotions better, I had more concentration, my manifestation power grew and I found my authentic self again.